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Wolf, Eagles, and  Ravens                Photograph by
Ian  McAlliste

For me, a boat is not an end in itself. It is a vehicle to carry me into worlds of adventure that are otherwise inaccessible. Across straits, through channels, beyond the next island, wilderness awaits. And you get to carry your own bed, hot shower, and galley meals with you.

Of course, there are also rare opportunities to visit cities, towns, and villages: Seattle, Friday Harbor, Sidney, Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Alert Bay, Bella Bella, Ketchikan, Sitka.

It is also an opportunity to learn about the great Northwest, its history, maritime heritage, native cultures, and the many ways the Inside Passage has served so many different people materially and spiritually.

And, finally there is the joy of accomplishment that comes from learning to safely and competently manage one's own boat.