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After moving to the Northwest in 1975, one of the first books I read was Margaret Craven's "I Heard the Owl Call My Name." As soon as I finished the book, I knew I wanted to go to Kingcome Village. I bought a Calkins Bartender, Elsa, and headed north. I was so green I was lucky to get home. I didn't make it to the Village, and that's another story, but I did discover a passion that has lasted. After Elsa it was Raven and then Sundown, Eagle and finally Shadow.

 In 1979 I took Raven to Alaska. It was a life-altering journey and I knew I had to go again; I also knew I had to have a bigger boat. However, as with many things in life, one thing follows another, and in order to afford a bigger boat I had to sell my house and live aboard. That's when I found Sundown, a classic British Columbia converted fish packer. She was a perfect boat for me. With Sundown I came to appreciate the beauty, comfort, and dependability of a heavy, well constructed wooden boat.

Sundown and I made several trips to Alaska. I ran a charter business for a while, and In addition I have skippered whale watching boats and worked as a bare boat captain. While still teaching at the university I taught classes for Northwest Indian College at Lummi and gained a deep appreciation a different culture and way of life.

All of these experiences enable me to bring a wealth of information and experience to any boat I captain.