Crusing Instructions
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The Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Power Squadron both offer excellent courses to develop your boating skills. These generalized classes cannot, however, take the place of individualized instruction on your own boat. Whether it's reading a chart, learning to use your GPS and radar, docking, or anchoring, I can help you develop the confidence and skill that you need.

Here is a sample of topics we could cover:

I. Safety
A. Life Vests  
B. Ground Tackle  
C. Main Engine  
D. Auxiliary Engines  
E. Deck Lines  
F. Bilge Pumps  
G. Fire  Extinguishers
H. Life Boats and Survival Suits
I. Spare parts and tools  
J. MOB drill   K. Weather

II. Navigation  
A. Charts  
B. Compass  
C. Lead Line  
D. Cruising Guides 
E. Electronic Aids  
      1. GPS  and Radar  
      2. Depth Sounder  
F. Books, Cruising  Guides

III. Piloting 
A. Docking  
B. Tides and Currents  
C. Anchoring  

D. Trip planning
E. Route selection
F. Rules of the Road  
G. Navigational Aids

IV. Boat Maintenance 
A. Fuel, filters, tanks  
B. Engine inspection

C. Lubrication
D. Electrical systems 
E. Heating  
F. Hoses  Heads and Holding Tanks  
H. Propane   
I. Refrigeration
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